We will visit: The Ballestas Islands, Punta Colorado, the Candelabrum, City Tour, buggy ride, sandboarding.




We started with the tour at 08:00


Excursion to the Ballestas (maritime tour) Islands, the Paracas Bay (there disembarked General Jose de San Martin), Punta Colorado, the Candelabrum (similar to the Nazca Lines), Ballestas Islands, natural rock formations harboring marine fauna, inhabited by large colonies guanay birds, Piquero, Pelicano Cormorant, Tendrils, Gulls, Humboldt penguins, sea lions, dolphins.


At 10:30 we go to Ica to start the City Tour.


Transfer from Paracas to Ica.


We visited the Regional Museum of Ica (garments, ceramics, mummies), Wineries wines and pisco, pisco and wine tasting, Laguna Huacachina, amazing oasis amidst giant dunes.


Finally we will ride in Buggy and Sandboarding, to feel adrenaline.


Returning at 14.00 to Paracas.