Cusco has wonderful places that are worth visiting such as the Cathedral Basilica of Cusco undoubtedly one of the most remarkable monuments of colonial America, has essentially a Renaissance structure, the Cathedral has an interior shaped plan Latin cross, if we cross we find two lateral churches: the "Church of the Holy Family" and the "Church of Triumph". The Koricancha, originally "Inti Kancha" was consecrated to the sun god (Inti: sun) and the Moon and the stars.

Another important archaeological site is Sacsayhuaman (House of the Sun), where every 24th of June the Inti Raymi or Sun Festival. We also have the archaeological complex of Qenko (labyrinth), dates back to 1500 AD. There were made ceremonies in honor of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Puca Pucara has different interior spaces, enclosures, towers, aqueducts and roads that would have served as a hosting site and rest of the Inca. Finally, Tambomachay would have been dedicated to the worship of water and rest place for the Inca.




Between 13:45 and 14:00 hours beginning tour on guided city, where travelers will have the opportunity to visit 6 places.


1. The first is the temple of "Koricancha" (fencing gold), now called "the Convent of Santo Domingo", we find one of the most important Religious Centers of the Inca times. This archaeological site is located in the heart of the city of Cusco (Cuzco), a few 4 blocks from the Main Square.


2. Then we visited the Cathedral, whose foundation stone was placed in the year 1560 This marvel of religious art has approximately 300 paintings from the Cusco School, among many other expressions of art.


3. Then we go to the outskirts of the city, visit first the sumptuous Sacsayhuaman (head puma) majestic place with impressive works in stone, being the heavier than 120 tons. These stones were transported by Incas workers from remote sites. Here the famous Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun takes place on 24 June each year.


4. Just 200 meters from Sacsayhuaman is our next destination: Kenko (Labyrinth) religious center dedicated to the worship of the Earth and, according to some theories, here funerary rituals were performed.


5. Our next visit, to approximately 10 minutes by bus from Kenko. The first site is Puca Pucara (red Place) that was used as a center for military use and control, as well as a place to stop for all travelers from the Inca era.


6. Our last destination, located just 100 meters from Puca Pucara is Tambomachay.


7. Tambomachay (Temple of Water) was used as a center for worship and worship of water.

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