We will visit: The Moche countryside, Huaca of the Moon, Huaca of the Sun, District and Area Artisans Mochica.




At 10.00 am We will take you from your hotel to the Moche countryside and will begin the tour at Huaca de la Moon. We arrive at the Museum "Moche Temples", with pottery showing the iconography of Moche people and activities.


Then we'll visit the "Temple of the Moon," Moche religious center, which will travel through rooms full of murals in high relief with the representation of their god "AIAPAEC" or "The Headless" and "Cutthroat" warriors, naked prisoners, dancers, animals, giant spiders, sun, stars, abstract motifs, etc.


From the "Temple of the Moon" will appreciate the "Huaca of the Sun " pyramid 43 meters high, built for administrative purposes. Also will know the Moche Urban


Area, which was the area where the high society of the Moche lived.


Finally, the area Artisans crafted pottery, will see the style and colors used by the ancient Moche craftsmen still in evidence today.