Discover the most ancient civilization in America.




“CARAL” is located in the department of Lima, Peru. It has 5,000 years old and is considered one of the five cradles of civilization of mankind, like the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China, Caral represents the oldest civilization in America.


Our expedition in "Caral" enable us to know all their secrets through our guide specializing in archeology and history of this marvel of humanity ancestral.

Located to 200 km north of Lima, "Caral" has different monumental buildings among which are a set of eight pyramids, sacred and public arenas, the altar and fire temple, the central square, the residential space and their religious centers.


All these buildings have served to religious and ceremonial use and have 5,000 years old. "Caral" is considered one of America's oldest civilizations.


Our expedition includes a typical lunch in town "Huacho" (near "Caral") and a visit to the archaeological site of "bandurria" featuring various sectors such monumental sacred square, stepped pyramids, among others. The antiquity of "bandurria" is similar to "Caral".