Enjoy an unforgettable evening enjoying a magnificent buffet dinner and spectacular show of dance, music and Peruvian folklore.

Explore the best of Peru in one place. Enjoy Your Food, Folklore and Craft in a unique and sophisticated restaurant. Under a modern, cosmopolitan concept, Junius is the first Peruvian restaurant boutique of the Lima City and probably of the country.


This is the main reason that Junius is the ideal place to experience the best we have in the company of family and friends visiting from abroad with the comfort and security of being in the heart of Miraflores, the tourist district quintessential place. Feel at home in Junius.


Our tour includes a "Pisco Sour", our classic cocktail.




Here you can enjoy one of the most attractive places in Lima, a tour of the "magic water", certified by Guinness World Records as the "water circuit" largest in the world.


Amazing aquatic ornaments and powerful water jets combine with the rhythm of classical music and spectacular laser beams mimic fluids drawing water multi colored shapes that make us imagine a cybernetic future.


The recreation center consists of more than a dozen fountains, each with its own array of geysers that drive water to more than 80 meters high. With regard to these peculiar features is that this park is the winner of the Guinness Record as the complex sources of the World's largest water, a very important award for Peruvians.


Here you can enjoy a wonderful spectacle of water, light, music and images presented on the famous Park Reserve, one of the most beautiful urban areas of Lima.