We will visit: The Ballestas Islands, Paracas National Reserve, El Mirador de Flamingos Beach lagoons, will fly by the Nazca lines, and also visit Chauchilla Cemetery.




DAY 01: Ballestas Islands - Paracas / Nazca.

Excursion to "The Ballestas Islands" (Sea tour), which visited the Bay of Paracas (here disembarkation General Jose de San Martin), Punta Colorado, The Chandelier (similar to the Nazca Lines geoglyphs) Islands springs and natural rock formations that are home to many marine fauna, inhabited large colonies of sea birds, Piquero, Pelicano Cormorant, Tendrils, gulls, Humboldt penguins, sea lions, dolphins.

We return to port (we 30 free minutes). Excursion to the Paracas National Reserve. Visit the Interpretation Centre INRENA (fossils), Fossil Trail, trek to the viewpoint of Flamingos. Cathedral: rock formation, Beach Lagunillas.

Refreshments and facilities (optional).


We are back in Paracas, we will go to agency bus.

Bus Paracas - Nazca.

Arrival in Nazca and transfer to hotel.

Overnight in Nazca.

Food: Not included.

Overnight in Nazca.



Early we will go from the hotel to the aerodrome for the Overflight Nazca Lines (35 minutes): take a plane to appreciate the full extent of the Nazca lines which remain incognita to the world, their origin and purpose. These mysterious lines extend in a radius of 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide, all in one of the driest and desert soils of the world, which hides layers of yellowish brown and white colors.

These lines of Nazca were the passion of German mathematician Maria Reiche for over half a century, after which I say that it was a giant calendar, and considers the movements of sun, moon and constellations. The Nazca lines represent animals like monkey, hummingbird, spider, condor, dog, lizard, whale and figures as the astronaut, the tree, hands, etc.

Then visit the pre Inca cemetery Chauchilla.

The archaeological site of Chauchilla is in a desert area about 28 kilometers from the city of Nazca. For many years the cemetery was looted by treasure hunters, who destroyed the graves and stole valuables (ceramics, textiles, gold, silver, etc.), leaving the bodies of mummies around the desert surface, as seen today day.

After exploring Chauchilla, visit the handicraft center of gold and ceramics.

Finally we will go to agency bus.

Meals: Breakfast.

Places visited: Nazca Lines, Chauchilla Cemetery