We'll visit: The archaeological site of Sillustani Umayu Lagoon, The pre-Inca Museum (optional).




Esta Necrópolis de origen Pre-Inca, está ubicado en una pequeña meseta peninsular en la Laguna de Umayo, distante a 34 Km. al noroeste de Puno y unida por una carretera asfaltada. Partiendo en bus de Puno, se llega a la necrópolis de Sillustani en aproximadamente 40 minutos. Al llegar a

This necropolis of culture Pre-Inca is located on a small peninsular plateau of the Lagoon "Umayo", 34 km. Northwest of Puno and connected by a paved road.


We start the tour by bus since Puno, we arrive at the necropolis of "Sillustani" in about 40 minutes.


Arriving at "Sillustani" ascent walk to the top of the peninsula where the chullpas are located via an easily accessible way.


Then, we return to the beginning of the access, consisting of 78 stone steps; thereof which are very tiring upload.


We try at all times to not get tired on this journey, however, be prepared to walk at least 30 minutes.


The first references are provided by the Spanish chroniclers and foreign scholars and they have better information. From these sources, it is stated that the Necropolis of Sillustani was dependent of "Hatun Colla" village, administrative capital of the Kolla culture, ruled by Chief Zapana, subjected for the Incas.


The number of various architectural constructions correspond to stages both pre Incas as Kolla.