We will visit: The Ballestas Islands, "Punta Colorado," "The Candlestick," "Tambo Colorado".




The tour starts at 08.00 hours, visiting the Ballestas Islands, is a maritime tour (here disembarkation General Jose de San Martin), Punta Colorado, The Chandelier (geoglyphs similar to the Nazca Lines), Crossbows Islands formations natural rock that harbor abundant marine life, here live many colonies of sea birds, Piquero, Pelicano Cormorant, Tendrils, gulls, Humboldt penguins, sea lions, dolphins.


Then we go to the "Tambo Colorado" is the best preserved monument of the Inca period in Peruvian coast, considered as a military administrative center of the Incas, located in the Pisco Valley, this architectural complex was built during the reign of the Inca Pachacutec.


We will return at 13:00 to Paracas.